Cold Calling & Telemarketing in West Yorkshire

We spend every day driving business towards our clients by making professional and skilful telemarketing and cold calling phone calls which can also be underpinned by great social media marketing. This means you can use us an outsourced marketing solution that proactively engages with potential customers every working day of the year! So we increase sales leads and generate more business for you.  Telemarketing is a proven strategy to increase sales and brand awareness and is a crucial component in many successful sales and marketing campaigns. We bring a level of professionalism to cold calling that is seldom found because regardless of the outcome of the call we always leave your potential clients with a positive encounter with your brand name.

We keep your name at the front of your client’s mind and through regular contact turn more and more prospects into valuable customers. Highly rated by B2B professionals and used extensively amongst SME’s the Cold Calling Club is your partner in profit!

We’ll behave as a member of your own team, and you can monitor our calling live online as we work on your own data, or data that we have acquired on your behalf. We work with PLC’s and micro businesses and can carry out anything from a single days work through to a year long campaign. If you’re interested in hiring us please click this link to get in touch with one of the best telemarketing firms in the UK.

You can also telephone us on: 01274 662001

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