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Professional Telemarketing

Our background can be traced back to an investment from the MD of a local group of franchised businesses. Having grown tired of the poor service and results using various local telemarketing companies. Franchise telemarketing requires a high degree of professionalism and diplomacy, it is a niche that requires compliance with brand guidelines and knowledge of the franchisor / franchisee relationship. That investment created the Cold Calling Club in 2005 and set a team of 4 professionally trained sales executives underway.

Naturally our first campaigns were therefore all about franchise telemarketing. Following up on enquiries about certain franchises and also working for franchisees who wanted to grow their businesses.

As a result of working for both franchisors and franchisees we understand the importance of adhering closely to brand guidelines and of course taking the time to understand the business model and the frequently asked questions that we might encounter. When we work with franchisees we can blitz a region on behalf of the franchise owner to inject new life into a sleepy business or to launch a brand new franchise itself! We can use data that we acquire ourselves or that which is provided to us by our client. If there is no data available we’ll find target clients online and have various ingenious ways of discovering potential new clients!

We have worked with directly with Franchisors to telephone exhibition visitors lists, trawl through old enquiries and hunt down those who are in a career change moment on sites like linkedin for example.

We’re very at home within franchised and licensed sectors. Check out our great value solutions on the order us page.

Telemarketing Business

Growing Sales – That should be your New Year Resolution?

Growing Sales is what every business wants, what every business needs, and certainly what every business should desire. Email technology isn’t your friend here, I mean who opens unsolicited emails anyway? You just bin them or they get automatically chewed up and thrown into your spam folder. But people talking to each other, gaining trust and building relationships is what works today, just as it always has.

It’s not cold when it’s already warm

Telemarketing isn’t mass cold calling, it’s a method of growing sales through courteous and carefully targeted approaches. Carefully targeted is the key that opens the door. Cold Calling that is unsolicited or ringing people who frankly aren’t bothered and never will be just brings your business into disrepute. Cold Calling that is relevant, and aimed at a target client who has that need or is in that market isn’t actually that cold, it’s almost warm to start with. That’s what we do here at the Cold Calling Club.

So, getting good data as to who call matters greatly. There’s no point ringing a dentist with a product for a vet, no point in calling a CEO with an invite to poundland – you get the idea. But the CEO will be interested in an invite to see the launch of a new Mercedes won’t he/she? Good date is at the heart of what we do.

With good data in your possession the next step is the script. Waffle will get you nowhere so spending time on clearly articulating the reason for your call is another important factor. A good short and snappy pitch is behind all those who are good at growing sales. Just take sure you’re ringing someone with the authority to say yes!

Compassion comes in many formats and if you call someone up who has a genuine potential purchasing requirement and they simply don’t want to take your call ask them if it would be ok for you to pop something in the post or on an email. But respect the fact they don’t want a sales pitch at that moment. See it as an opportunity for a low level contact and a chance to provide information in another format. Most people will say yes to something being posted/emailed later.

It aint what you do it’s the way that you do it.

So, dont be deadpan and boring, but also don’t be like a giddy apprentice let loose on their next challenge. Be upbeat, friendly and professional. Growing sales requires a commitment to playing the long game not wanting an instant hit. Skilled sales people know that your sale might come from the 7th contact you make, rarely the first. So make telemarketing part of your sales toolkit and not a one hit wonder. It’s the drip drip that brings in the sales not the first shot at it.

And finally if you want to be successful at growing sales then ask closing questions and ask for the order. Maybe something like this: “If we rang 500 of your potential customers would many be interested in what you do?” [obviously Yes] “so, shall we get that underway for you?” …

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Telemarketing on Twitter

If you haven’t already checked out our Twitter feed you can do so by following this link 

We’ve got around 1800 followers which seems like a lot of people to us but then if you are a small or medium sized business then you have to have some interest in telemarketing. It should be part of everyones toolkit. 

Telemarketing as part of your marketing toolkit

There’s a general feeling that everything needs to be done online these days, and it reminded us of why we are still here after so many years …. it’s because telemarketing works as part of an integrated marketing approach. Nothing maximises your businesses potential on it’s own because different people and organisations react to different stimuli.

A friendly non pushy phone call doesn’t come across as a telesales call at all, we stand out amongst the sea of unprofessional telemarketers in noisy call centres because our environment is peaceful, orderly and we don’t use poor quality phone lines.

So, as part of an online and offline campaign that already probably uses digital and tangible marketing channels telemarketing is a wonderful compliment to what you are doing.

We’re very effective and with brilliant daily rates our experts can make a measurable difference to your lead generation efforts. New sales leads are motivating for your team and inject life into any business or organisation.

Telemarketing Agency on Twitter

To add to our own sales outreach we are using Twitter to engage with local business owners.

This has worked well for us, and can work well for you too. So we have set up a dedicated service that runs alongside our telemarketing work. Check it out on our social media service page!