Professional Telemarketing

Professional Telemarketing

Our background can be traced back to an investment from the MD of a local group of franchised businesses. Having grown tired of the poor service and results using various local telemarketing companies. Franchise telemarketing requires a high degree of professionalism and diplomacy, it is a niche that requires compliance with brand guidelines and knowledge of the franchisor / franchisee relationship. That investment created the Cold Calling Club in 2005 and set a team of 4 professionally trained sales executives underway.

Naturally our first campaigns were therefore all about franchise telemarketing. Following up on enquiries about certain franchises and also working for franchisees who wanted to grow their businesses.

As a result of working for both franchisors and franchisees we understand the importance of adhering closely to brand guidelines and of course taking the time to understand the business model and the frequently asked questions that we might encounter. When we work with franchisees we can blitz a region on behalf of the franchise owner to inject new life into a sleepy business or to launch a brand new franchise itself! We can use data that we acquire ourselves or that which is provided to us by our client. If there is no data available we’ll find target clients online and have various ingenious ways of discovering potential new clients!

We have worked with directly with Franchisors to telephone exhibition visitors lists, trawl through old enquiries and hunt down those who are in a career change moment on sites like linkedin for example.

We’re very at home within franchised and licensed sectors. Check out our great value solutions on the order us page.

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