Franchising Solutions

franchisee telemarketing

If you are a franchisor or franchisee that needs a sales boost then talk to us because more than any other sales development teams you might come across we have significant experience working for franchisees and franchisors

For Franchisees

You’ve bought into a franchise system and now need to get your sales activity ramped up. We can introduce you to thousands of local potential clients. We work off an approved script and follow your brand guidelines to the letter. We are used to working directly for the franchisor as part of your pre launch or directly with a franchise owner to help them get established.

You can email us here to find out about our franchise telemarketing boost.

For Franchisors

You have a database of enquiries and sorting out the wheat from the chaff is no easy task. Particularly if like some of our clients you are getting several hundred enquiries per month. We can reach those enquiries and give them a professional follow up to isolate those that have a genuine interest from those that are just tyre kicking. We then elevate those people to a Director or Franchisee Manager within your team so that their time is focused on those candidates that have a genuine interest.

Even with large volumes of leads, maybe after a franchise show or major advertising campaign we can typically churn out 100 – 150 follow ups per day! You will be judged by your competitors when franchisees are applying to your franchise – we make sure you’re seen as prompt, “on it” and professional!

Contact us here and we’ll call you to provide details.