We’re a lean mean telemarketing machine and a key reason for our great rates is that we don’t have to chase payments because we work on a pre paid basis with daily rates from as low as £150 for a 4 week commitment.

We’ll schedule the work which will begin with an hour or two’s script building and potential client targeting, so you’ll need to be available on the phone for us to discuss that and be clear on the campaign objectives. Our sales team will work with you to define the pitch and sort out the target data.

Following on from that our sales team will be briefed and we’ll get started without delay and continue for whatever duration you have booked us for.

Call us on 01423 861555. If lines are busy it’s usually because we’re making outbound calls, just leave us a message and one of us will call you back!

Or email us at info@thecoldcallingclub.co.uk