Telemarketing firms banned from pension cold calling!

Telemarketing firms banned from pension cold calling!

Our whole business has been built on ethical sales development over the telephone. We are constantly trying to distance ourselves from rogue operators. Many telemarketing firms give all the rest a bad name.

Why would we welcome a cold calling ban?

Ethical telemarketing firms have all been tarred with the same brush. Research carried out by the Money Advice Service has suggested that there could be as many as 8 scam calls every second! So for that reason alone we welcome the ban. But the government could have achieved the same result through legislation and enforcement.

That said if it drives the bad forms out of business we welcome it!! Here’s the official announcement on the governments website.

Shady Practices

This shady part of our industry has for a long time been associated with scams and fraud. It preys on vulnerable people and those who are too trustworthy of others. The financial conduct authority believe that the average cost to a victim is over £90,000. That money can’t easily be replaced into a pension fund. Often it isn’t replaced leaving victims with a poorer retirement. It’s a particularly despicable crime!

An ethical telemarketing firm.

For us it’s about being friendly, polite and compassionate. We are unlike any other telemarketing firm because we don’t bang out fast and furious calls. We are diligent professional executives who behave in an exemplary fashion when we ring a potential client of yours. We always leave a positive encounter with your brand no matter what the outcome of the call.

Technology that assists not detracts.

We don’t use auto diallers which don’t give our executives time to adjust between calls and leads to a battery farm mentality. Neither do we have any background noise when calling, many poor telemarketing firms have noisy call centres – we don’t! We use BT landlines too so there is no poor quality voip lines or delays on answering. We also only call from the UK with native english speakers without foreign accents so every one is perfectly understood.

Get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to explain more or order a short duration telemarketing blitz and let us prove it.

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