Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions.

This Agreement is made on the day of payment and between the following Parties:

1) TFALC Ltd, (“The Cold Calling Club”) Company Number 06699265, 10 Claro Court Business Centre, Claro Road, Harrogate, HG1 4BA and;

Preliminary: You (“Client”) wish to instruct The Cold Calling Club to provide telemarketing services (“Services”) commencing on a mutually agreed date subject to the terms and conditions below

Interpretation: In these terms and conditions “Agreement” means the Agreement to provide the Services made between The Cold Calling Club and the Client and detailed in writing and in this agreement. “Terms and Conditions” means this document. Customer(s) means any potential or actual customer of the Client contacted by The Cold Calling Club, ”Services” means the provision of telemarketing to the Client by The Cold Calling Club.

Supply of the Services: The Cold Calling Club shall provide the Services to the client for an agreed period on a pre paid basis.

Data:Target customer data shall be provided by the Client or The Cold Calling Club and The Cold Calling Club shall upload and share the data with the Client using Google Docs to facilitate online monitoring of our telemarketing activity.

Client Notice: The Client acknowledges that it is reasonable that The Cold Calling Club should receive ample notice of any postponement to the dates agreed and will provide a minimum of 7 working days notice to change dates or otherwise amend the agreed services, failure to do so shall incur a charge equal to 50% of the agreed daily rate. 

Warranties & Liability: The Cold Calling Club shall provide the Services in a timely and efficient manner consistent with these Terms and Conditions and the Agreement. The Cold Calling Club shall not be liable to the Client for any losses (indirect, consequential or special), damages, costs, expenses or other claims whatsoever arising from the provision of the Services to the Client provided always that The Cold Calling Club has acted legally and correctly in its delivery of the Services. In any event the entire liability to the Client shall not exceed the amount of the charges paid to The Cold Calling Club for the Services. 

Charges: The Client agrees to pre pay The Cold Calling Club for the Services and on that basis The Cold Calling Club shall implement a professional telemarketing service for the agreed duration, The client acknowledges that payments are non refundable.

Success or otherwise: The Client unconditionally acknowledges that The Cold Calling Club shall always act in good faith but does not guarantee any particular outcome or level of sales or profits arising from the completion of the Services.

Customer credit worthiness: The Cold Calling Club is not responsible for the financial standing or suitability of any prospective or actual customers it encounters during the course of the provision of the Services.

GDPR: Both parties shall fully comply with the terms and conditions of The GDPR (General Data Protection Register)